Looking Forward to Another Wonder-filled Year!!! Thanks so much!!
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Heidi Pavoni said:   November 6, 2010 10:02 am PST
I have one large turtles, about 5 inches in diameter, red-ear sliders, in my home. I have had him for 11 years, and it is getting hard to take of him and his tank his getting too small for him. I would love to donate him to someone who could take care of them, show them to other people, especially kids. Would you be interested in my turtle, free? Let me know. i saw you at the Upper Arlington Library last summer and you did such a wonderful job. I know he would be in good hands with you. Let me know as soon as possible. Thanks!

steve and celeste kern said:   September 13, 2010 12:57 pm PST
Hey, a lady came to our church and brought her turtles....it couldn't have been you......Ha Ha. So good to connect. love, Celeste

Christine Scott said:   August 5, 2010 6:29 pm PST
Nancy, I brought my children and mother-in-law to your show at the Upper Arlington Library today and we had a nice time seeing your collection of turtles and lizards. My daughter bought a turtle for her birthday last year we have a Russian Tortiose and have enjoyed taking care of her. Thank you for sharing your story and your animals with everyone.

Ashley Williams said:   July 5, 2010 5:35 am PST
This is Ashley, from the Lincoln Journal, I wanted to say that it was a great opportunity to get to experience your show at the Hamlin Library!

Abby said:   June 22, 2010 11:14 am PST
we just saw you at the Hilltop library today and are(obviusly)on your website.we hope the animals are doing fine after their performance.we will be looking for your video as you sugested befor we left.thanks a bunch.your groupies. :)

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