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Nancy Lockard
 was very small when she found "TUTU", 
a box turtle who had been
smashed by a car and was almost dead. 
There were no turtle doctors in the early '60's
so she used Vaseline, Band-aids and lots of
little girl prayers to heal the creature. 
The turtle survived and became 
"Turtle Girl's" best friend. 
She carried it in a basket everywhere she went
and it lived with her until she was a grown-up! 
People began bringing her turtles--
sick ones, well ones, cute ones, funny ones. 
"Little Turtle Girl" got older,
(and she still had turtles)!  
She got married, (and she still had turtles)!
    She and her husband were blessed with four beautiful children,
  (and she still had turtles)!   
The children grew (and had their own pets), but the
little Turtle Girl  STILL HAD HER TURTLES!    
No one really knows when

but she still has TURTLES!


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